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Aerial Maps of California Aerial Maps of California for Immediate Download

Aerial Archives provides comprehensive vertical aerial and satellite photography coverage of all of California including historical and current aerial and satellite photography.

Available aerial photography includes georeferenced aerial photography of California delivered both as prints and in digital form. Specialized services include high resolution aerial photography and delivery of geotiffs, customized labelling of aerial maps and output to specialized media.

The coverage of aerial maps of California can also be completely customized both with respect to scale and to show an entire city, county or metropolitan area or only a set of blocks, or if necessary, a vast portion of the state, or even a complete continuous view of the entire state.

Among the locations for which aerial maps and aerial photography are available in California are:

Arvin, Bakersfield, California city, Camarillo, Cerritos, the City of Davis (including the campus), Delano, el Dorado county, Filmore, Fresno county and the city of Fresno.

The collection also includes Hesperia, Imperial County, Kern county, Kings county, Lake Tahoe, la Jolla, Los Angeles, Mammoth, Mcfarland and Madera.

Other areas that are covered in California include Merced, Mojave, Monterey county, the Napa Valley, Ontario, Oxnard, Orange county, Placer county, Redding, Ridgecrest, Riverside county and Sacramento county.

Sanger, San Bernardino county, San Diego county, Oakland and San Francisco and the Bay Area, San Luis Obispo county, Santa Barbara county , Santa Maria, Shafter, Simi Valley, Soledad, Solvang, Sonoma county, Stockton, Taft, Tehachapi, Thousand oaks, Tule river, Tulare, Ventura county, the wine country, and Yuba county are also included in the collection.

For current aerial photography coverage of California please contact us.

For historical research of aerial photography of California we recommend that you use the research request form. Additional information about the process of researching historical aerial photography for your location is available at aerial photography research.

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